Auction Düsseldorf

Those who do not only seek the thrill but also a way of investing money through buying art, find what they are looking for at big auctions. Ketterer Kunst in Munich counts among the most successful German auction houses and offers its clients select artworks in auctions several times a year and has the perfect service and reliability for its consignors. Ketterer Kunst has a +branch in Düsseldorf, additionally, the auction house organizes regular expert meeting days in Düsseldorf and other cities and shows a selection of top lots from +upcoming auctions on its highlight tour through Germany. – This way art collectors in Düsseldorf find the artworks that have been examined by experts in the auction of Ketterer Kunst in Munich. Have a look at +our catalogs online, or browse +the most popular collecting fields. For a +>direct and non-binding consignment inquiry please use the online form, or click here if you prefer direct +contact with our Düsseldorf representative.