Bid in our saleroom auctions
Live bidding
You can either participate in the auction room in person or through an authorized agent. We kindly ask you to reserve a seat a day before the auction at the latest, and also ask that you obtain a bidder card, as this will save you time. In case you are a new client, please notify us through our registration for new clients. Please make sure to present proper identification on the day of auction.

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Absentee (written) bids
In case you can not be present at the auction, we will gladly accept written bids ahead of time, which we will only make use of as much it requires to outbid other bids. If you have either won the desired lot or have been outbid, you will be notified by mail the following business day after the auction.

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Telephone bids
Another alternative is to bid by phone. We kindly ask you to announce your participation by phone a day before the auction at the latest. On the day of the auction we will call you shortly before your desired object is called up. For this it is mandatory to make sure you are available on one of the phone numbers you have specified. To be on the safe side it is recommendable to also make a written guarantee bid. In addition to phone bidding, it is possible to follow the auction online. Our staff is at your service for phone bidding in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian. In case of success you will be notified by mail the following business day.

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Internet bidding at saleroom auctions
You can follow our saleroom auctions live on the internet and you can also bid online.
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If you would like to bid and are not yet registered, you may do so at the latest until the day before the auction.
When you register, select "Register now". You will then receive an activation link via email. Please note that due to legal regulations we are obligated to archive a copy or scan of your valid ID card.

If you are planning to bid for more than € 50,000, we would kindly ask you to let us know in advance.

On auction day you can bid under the following link. If you wish to just follow the auction without bidding a registration is not necessary.
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Bid in our online only timed auctions
Online only
You need a separate registration for our online only timed auctions. Get more information here

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