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William Golden

William Golden

*  1911 New York
† 1959 New York

The commercial artist William Golden was born in New York in 1911, the youngest of twelve children. After attending the Vocational School for Boys, where he also became conversant with the heliogravure process, William Golden went to Los Angeles in 1928 to work for a printer and later for the "Los Angeles Examiner". In the early 1930s, William Golden returned to New York, where he first worked for the "Journal American" and then for "House & Garden" magazine, published by Condé Nast. In 1937, however, William Golden left Condé Nast to work in the advertizing division of CBS Radio, becoming art director at CBS in 1940. After the war, from 1946, William Golden again worked for CBS and developed the familiar CBS corporate image. When the television age was ushered in, William Golden worked on developing the look of the CBS television channel. In 1950 William Golden came up with the distinctive CBS logo, a stylized eye in a circle, which has remained in use - only slightly modified - until the present day.