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Théophile Gautier

Théophile Gautier

*  1811 Tarbes
† 1872 Neuilly-sur-Seine

Théophile Gautier, a French author, was born in Tarbes on 30 August, 1811. From then on he lived in Paris. He went to the same grammar school as Gérard de Nerval and joined Victor Hugo's circle of literature "Cénacle" in 1829. Due to his poetry and tales, Gautier was the main representative of the Paris "Bohème". In 1835 he achieved his first substantial success with the epistolary novel "Mademoiselle Maupin". His 1952 compilation of poetry "Enaux et carnées", which served as a role model for many following lyricians, was another literary success. His novels "Le Roman de la Momie" and "Le Capitaine Fracasse", which were published at a later date, did not come up to his lyrical work. Gautier died in Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris on 13 October, 1872.