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Ruben Talberg

Ruben Talberg

*  1964 Heidelberg

Ruben Talberg picked up painting during high-school, stimulated by his American family ties (Thalberg). From an early point on he shows a great interest in art, Jewish and philosophical topics. He travels extensively through Europe, North and South America, Africa. 1986 marks his first solo-exhibit. While getting immersed into the unique intellectual atmospheres in cities like New York, Paris and London he starts to translate his impressions in various media such as painting, sculpture, photography. Influences like Informal Art or Neo-Expressionism manifest themselves as part of his artistic development. His oeuvre is deemed to be very broad in scope, simultaneously sophisticated, crowded with mysterious signs and symbols, secret codes from a different world, hinting to a third magical dimension. Talberg as an avowing alchemist blends materials such as sand, tar, blood, feathers, wood, cement etc. to an uncanny mixture which he morphs into his large-format paintings and sculptures.
His poetry tells of protolanguages of bygone cults, constantly testing the limits of words, ripe with metaphors which in turn form part of his artworks. As Talberg got caught in this "circulus vitiosus" his artistic language continually assimilates new facets. His motto is congenial to that of an alchemist: "Finis coronat opus magnum". The widely travelled and universally learned German - Israeli artist calls Southern France his second home, as well as Offenbach where he lives and works.