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Robert Jacobsen

Robert Jacobsen

*  1912 Kopenhagen
† 1993 Tågelund

The Danish sculptor Robert Jacobsen was born in Kopenhagen on 4 June, 1912. After finishing elementary school, which he attended between 1920-1926, he made ends meet by casual work. Jacobsen first had a completely autodidactic artistic education, creating his forst wooden plastics in 1930. Then, in 1933, he started his training as a stonemason and wood carver. In 1940, he presents his first exhibition. Shortly after, Denmark was occupied by the German army and Jacobsen joined the resistance movement. He continued working as an artist after the war. In 1947 Jacobsen received an art scholarship in Paris, and he decided to stay in France for the next 22 years. It was not before 1969 that Jacobsen returned to Denmark. Between the years 1962 and 1981 Jacobsen worked as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, in 1976 he was appointed professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Art where he gave lectures until 1985. After 1986 he worked with the French sculptor Jean Clareboudt in Tågelund, west of Egtved, where he had settled down after his return to Denmark. They created the sculpture park Tørskind Gravel Pit near Egtved and Vejle. This project kept them occupied until 1991, they built several monumental sculptures made of steel, granite and wood. 2 years later Jacobsen died at home in Tågelund on 26 January.