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Pieter Goos

Pieter Goos

*  1616
† 1675

Pieter Goos, a Dutch engraver and cartographer, lived from 1616 to 1675. Goos predominantly worked in Amsterdam where he bought the copper plates of the famous mariners guide 'De Lichtende Columne ofte Zeespiegel' (Amsterdam 1644, 1649, 1650). In 1666 the De Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Weereld was first published and is regarded as one of the best marine atlases of that time. It consists of a richly coloured world map (two hemispheres, two pole maps) together with splendid representational accessory parts as well as sea maps of Europe, Great Britain and Ireland, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, the Channel Tunnel, the Mediterranean and the Norwegian Sea as well as the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. On several regional maps of the coasts of Europe, Asia, Africa and America the depth of the water, sand banks, seaports and islands near the coast were thoroughly mapped which made the sea atlas an indispensable instrument for sailors.