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Paul Follot

Paul Follot

*  1877 Paris
† 1941 Sainte-Maxime

Paul Follot, a French decorator and crafts designer, was an Art déco traditionalist. From 1901-1903 he designed silver objects, textiles, bronzes and jewelry for the Paris gallery La Maison Moderne, run by the German art dealer Julius Meier-Graefe 1899-1903 in Paris. In it Meier-Graefe sold contemporary and, like Siegfried Bing in his gallery, L'Art Nouveau (1895-1904), promoted the spread and popularity of the new Art nouveau style. The designer Maurice Dufrêne, whose work exerted a strong influence on Paul Follot, also worked for Meier-Graefe. Paul Follot's early designs reveal the influence of Neo-Gothic, with foliate motifs predominating. In 1903 a - little known - group of artists joined forces as "L'Art dans Tout" and Paul Follot was a founding member. This group vociferously supported French crafts traditions since artisans felt threatened by the inexorable advance of industrialization, especially by the rapid rise of German industrial design. From 1904 Paul Follot worked as a self-employed designer. A more reticent and classical style began to show up in his work from 1910 and in this he was following the general trend toward Art déco. Throughout his career, Paul Follot designed silver for Orfèvrerie Christofle, textiles for Cornille et Cie and carpets for Savonnerie. In 1911 the English Wedgwood company commissioned designs from Paul Follot for their china. In 1923 Paul Follot became artistic director of Au Bon Marché. From 1928 Follot was one of the directors of the Paris branch of the English furniture company Waring & Gillow.