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Mogens Koch

Mogens Koch

*  1898 Kopenhagen
† 1993 Kopenhagen

The Danish furniture designer Mogens Koch attended the Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi. From 1925 Mogens Koch worked with Kaare Klint, ten years his senior, in the practice of the architect Carl Petersen. Mogens Koch's designs for furniture must be viewed against the background of the strong Scandinavian crafts tradition; however, they were also inspired by Kaare Klint's conception of design as an evolutionary development. Mogens Koch's furniture might, therefore, be described as a modern reworking of traditional furniture types. In 1928 Mogens Koch designed an elegantly simple bookcase system for the firm of Rud. Rasmussen; made of unusually thin solid wood, the bookcase doors are particularly notable for the effects achieved by Koch's use of the natural striations of the wood. In 1932 Mogens Koch designed the beautifully unassuming "MK Safari" folding chair for Rud. Rasmussen. In 1933 Mogens Koch participated with a design for a folding chair in a competition mounted by the Danish Society of Ecclesiastical Art, which called for church seating that could be quickly set up and easily disassembled to save space. In addition to a great deal of furniture, Mogens Koch also designed crafts objects and carpets. During the years 1940 to 1968, Mogens Koch taught at the Copenhagen Art Academy, becoming a professor there in 1950. From 1956 Mogens Koch was also a visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and, from 1962, at the Industrial Art Institute in Tokyo.