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Melchior Lechter

Melchior Lechter

*  1865 Münster
† 1937 Raron

Melchior Lechter was born on October 20, 1865, in Münster, Westphalia. In 1884 after completing an apprenticeship in glass painting in Münster, Lechter began studying at the Academy of Art in Berlin. There in 1895, he met the author Stefan George, who had a strong influence on Lechter's later works. He had an important role in the "Blätter für die Kunst" ("Art Pages"), published by George, and worked with George from 1897 until 1907, illustrating the latter's works during that time. The influence of William Morris can be seen in his book illustrations, though he developed his own style of surface division and script style. His themes are taken over from George in their mysterious imagery. Beside his work as an illustrator and designer, Lechter's paintings influenced by the Preraffaelites are worth mentioning, such as the design of the Pallenberg Hall in the Industrial Art Museum in Cologne, which was honored at the World's Fair in Paris in 1900. In 1907, Lechter received a commission for a glass painting for the new building of the museum at the Domplatz in Münster. On the occasion of the dedication of the Lumen-de-Lumine window, Lechter's works were exhibited as a whole for the first time in Münster. Lechter died on October 8, 1937, in Raron, Wallis.