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Luis Feito

Luis Feito

*  1929 Madrid - lebt und arbeitet in New York und Paris

The painter, graphic artist and sculptor Luis Feito López counts among the most important artist of gestural abstraction in Spain.
Luis Feito López was born in Madrid in 1929. From 1950 to 1954 he studied at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de S. Fernando. In 1956 Luis Feito went to Paris on a scholarship issued by both the Spanish and French state. In Paris the young artist soon came in contact with the Spanish avant-garde artists active in France. In 1957 Luis Feito López, Antonio Saura, Manuel Rivera, Rafael Canogar and Manolo Millares were the founding fathers of "El Paso", an artist group of Spanish Informel.
As painter and graphic artist, Luis Feito is mostly occupied with informal, gestural abstraction. At times Luis Feito López also tried out methods of geometrical abstraction. Figuration can only be found in works from the artist's early period of creation.
In early abstract works from the 1950s, monochrome pictures stand next to linear works, at the end of the decade Luis Feito López also integrated materials like sand into his paintings. Dramatic colors, for instance a very strong red as of 1961, characterize works by Luis Feito, which often seem to display universal structures.
Luis Feito López stayed in Paris for a long time. He moved to Montreal in 1981and to New York in 1983. Luis Feito began sculpting at around that time. Bronze, wood and steel count among his preferred materials.
In 1991 Luis Feito López moved back to his hometown Madrid. In the second half of the 1990s Luis Feito was predominantly occupied with geometrical shapes. As of 1999 a new series of paintings was the focal point of his work. Works from this complex are based on strong shades of red contrasted with black, they break up geometric forms.
Works by Luis Feito are in possession of international museums, such as the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid or the Ulster Museum in Belfast. Luis Feito lives and works in Madrid and Paris.