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John Constable

John Constable

*  1776 East Bergholt / Suffolk
† 1837 London

The painter John Constable was born in East Bergholt (Suffolk) on 11 June, 1776. He worked at the business of his father Golding Constable until 1799. Then the painter began to study at the Royal Academy in London and became a student of Joseph Farington. Constable had his first exhibition in London in 1802. His mother died in 1816, one year later he married Maria Bricknell. John Constable was particularly interested in landscape painting. However, initially the English public did not seem to be very attracted by landscape painting. Instead he was quite successful with his paintings in France after his participation in the Paris Salon. In 1824, Constable even received a gold medal from the French king. His most important works include 'Malvern Hall' (1809) and 'The Cornfield' (1826). His wife Maria died of tuberculosis at the age of 41 on 23 November, 1828. John Constable suddenly died on the night of 31 March, 1837.