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Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner

Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner

*  1712 Kufstein/Tirol (?)
† 1761 Augsburg

Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner was born on March 28, 1712 in Kufstein. Baumgartner learned the technique of behind glass painting (or reverse glass painting) in Salzburg. After finishing his training, Baumgartner worked in Italy, Hungary, and Bohemia. He went to Augsburg in 1733, where he received citizenship; this entitled him to practice oil painting there. His works include landscapes and architecture paintings and over 300 engravings and frescoes. Baumgartner's largest and most important work is the ceiling painting in the church Wallfahrtskirche Heilig-Kreuz in the former Bergen monastery. Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner died on September 7, 1761 in Augsburg, Bavaria.