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Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein

*  1751 Haina
† 1829 Eutin

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein was born in Haina on 15 February 1751. He is also known as Goethe-Tischbein due to his arguably most famous work "Johann Wolfgang Goethe in the Campagna". Tischbein was taught art by his uncle Johann Jacob Tischbein. Tischbein's first stay in Rome was in 1779. During his second stay (1783-1799) he met Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in 1786. In this year Tischmann also created his famous portrait of Goethe. In 1808 he became the court painter of the Duke of Oldenburg. Tischbein died in Eutin on 26 February, 1829.