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Johann Heinrich d.─. Tischbein d.─.

Johann Heinrich d.─. Tischbein d.─.

*  1722 Haina
† 1789 Kassel

Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder, called "the Kasseler", was born in Haina on 3 October, 1722. Tischbein the Elder was the son of the baker Johann Heinrich Tischbein and Susanne Margaretha Hinsing. In 1743 Count Johann Philipp von Stadion provided financial help so that he could move to Paris where he became a student of Carle van Loo. Tischbein made a trip to Italy between 1749 - 1751. In 1753, he returned to his home town after being appointed court painter by Langrave William VIII. of Hesse-Kassel. In 1756, Tischbein married to Marie Sophie Robert, daughter of the Commissar to the French Colony in Kassel. However, his wife died only three years later. In 1762 he married his Marie Sophie Robert's youngest sister, Anne Marie Robert. Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder died in Kassel on 22 August, 1789.