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Jeremy Dickinson

Jeremy Dickinson

*  1963 Halifax, Yorkshire

Jeremy Dickinson, whose fame is largely owed to his photo-realistic car pictures, was born in Halifax, England in 1963. At the age of 19 Jeremy Dickinson enrolled at York College of Arts and Technology in 1982 and changed to the acclaimed London Goldsmiths College a year later. In 1986 Jeremy Dickinson completed his training there.
Jeremy Dickinson is famous for paintings of cars, busses, trains and other means of transportation executed in a photo-realistic manner. The basis of his works is his vast collection of toy cars which goes back to the artist's own childhood. It is characteristic of works by Jeremy Dickinson that he shows the image subjects in confusing positions. An example of this method are the cars that he piles up to fragile towers. Jeremy Dickinson executes many his motifs in series of paintings. By means of a skilful usage of color and light, Jeremy Dickinson achieves remarkable effects of alteration. In 1995 Jeremy Dickinson illustrated the publication "The Aston Martin DB3S".
Jeremy Dickinson's have been in the focus of many exhibitions since the 1990s. The London Whitechapel Open Studios organized his first solo show in 1991. Ever since Jeremy Dickinson has become an internationally acclaimed artist. His works have been part of exhibitions all over the world, for instance in New York and Tokyo in 2008, in Athens in 2009 and in San Francisco in 2011.
Jeremy Dickinson lives and works in London.