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Jan van Goyen

Jan van Goyen

*  1596 Leiden
† 1656 Den Haag

Jan van Goyen was born in Leiden on 13 January, 1596. At the age of 10 Jan van Goyen had his first painting lessons. In Hoom, Van Goyen was apprenticed to the landscape painter Willem Gerritsz. He traveled to France where he extended his training by a one-year study under Esaias van de Velde in Haarlem. In 1618 the painter married Annetie Willemsdr von Raelst in Leiden and opened up his own studio. His poor economic situation as well as his debt burden impaired his artistic work. In 1632 Jan van Goyen moved to The Hague together with his daughters and his wife where he lived and worked until his death. On 27 April 1656 Jan van Goyen died in The Hague.