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Jan Baptist Weenix

Jan Baptist Weenix

*  1621 Amsterdam
† 1660 Deutecum/Huis ter Mey (Utrecht)

Jan Baptist Weenix counts among the most famous ”Golden Age” painters of Italian landscapes and hunting still lives.
Jan Baptist Weenix was born at Amsterdam in 1621. Initially, Jan Baptist Weenix learned his trade from Jan Micker, before he continued his education in Utrecht with Abraham Bloemaert and in Amsterdam in the studio of Claes Moeyaert. Jan Baptist Weenix married Josyntge (Josina) de Hondecoeter as early as in 1638.
In 1643 Jan Baptist Weenix went on a four-year journey to Italy. Just as it was the case with most of his contemporaries, Jan Baptist Weenix spent most of the time in Rome. He was a member of the artist group "Schildersbent", his "Bentname" was "de Ratel", and Jan Baptist Weenix surely participated in their notorious celebrations. In those years Jan Baptist Weenix was active for a famous commissioner, for Giovanni Battista Cardinal Pamphili, also known as Pope Innocent X as of 1644
In 1647 Jan Baptist Weenix returned to Amsterdam. However, he preferred to settle in Utrecht, where Jan Baptist Weenix was appointed head of the painters gild in 1649.
Jan Baptist Weenix was particularly successful in italianizing (Campagna-) landscapes and also painted Italian genre scenes, hunting still lives as well as marine paintings and portraits. From time to time Jan Baptist Weenix worked together with Dirck Stoop. In his later years he made kitchen still lives and farm scenes with chicken that show influences from Flanders.
Jan Baptist Weenix passed on his knowledge to a circle of students, among them were his son Jan Weenix as well as Melchior de Hondecoeter and Nicolaes Berchem.
Around 1660 Jan Baptist Weenix died in Deutecum/Huis ter Mey (Utrecht).