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Jacob Sigisbert Adam

Jacob Sigisbert Adam

*  1670 Nancy
† 1747 Nancy

The sculptor Jacob Sigisbert Adam, renowned representative of French late baroque and a virtuous master in small format sculpting, was born son of the foundryman Lambert Adam in 1670. Jacob Sigisbert Adam was most likely trained by César Bagard, sculptor and representative of the Lorraine School. After his education, Jacob Sigisbert Adam was active in Metz for around twelve years.
In 1699 he relocated to his hometown Nancy. The same year Jacob Sigisbert Adam married Sébastienne Léal, a little later the couple moved into a house on Rue des Dominicains number 57. Today the building is still preserved and carries the date "1718". The house‘s facade was lavishly decorated by Jacob Sigisbert Adam self.
After he had relocated to Nancy in 1699, Jacob Sigisbert Adam began to execute commissions for Leopold, Duke of Lorraine. Nowadays a charming centerpiece made for the court of Nancy from 1701, showing Cupid amidst frogs, is still preserved. A year later Jacob Sigisbert Adam made small animal sculptures (a deer and eight dogs), intended as decoration for the duke’s banquets. In 1724 Jacob Sigisbert Adam also made the figures of the nativity scene for the ducal offspring. Next to such small pieces, Jacob Sigisbert Adam also executed large works, such as a lead sculpture for the park of the Lunévill palace. However, his small sculptures in bronze and terracotta made the largest contributions to his fame.
Jacob Sigisbert Adam died in Nancy in 1747.