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Hironymus Bock

Hironymus Bock

*  1498 Heidelsheim
† 1554 Hornbach

Hieronymus Bock, also called Tragus, was born in Heidelsheim (Baden) in 1498. Bock was one of the most important German botanists, doctors, and Lutheran preachers. In 1539, Hieronymus Bock published his plant book (New Kreutterbuch, first edition Strasbourg). His second work, "Teutsche Speißkammer, oder was gesunden und kranken Menschen zur Leibesnahrung gegeben werden soll" ("German Dining Rooms, or what healthy and sick people should be given for bodily nourishment"), described the meaning of plants used in the kitchen and specifically praised Hornbacher cheese - for internal and external use. Hieronymus Bock died on February 21, 1554 in Hornbach, in the Palatinate.