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Georges de la Tour

Georges de la Tour

*  1593 Vic-sur-Seille
† 1652 Lunéville

The French painter Georges de la Tour was born in 1593 in Vic-sur-Seille in Lorraine. He was the son of the master baker Jean de la Tour and Sibylle Mélian. In 1618 in the village of Lunéville, Georges married Diane Le Nerf, the daughter of a finance minister of the Duke of Lorraine. Duke Henry II of Lorraine, who also resided in Lunéville, bought La Tour's "St. Peter" in 1623. The painter was documented as the official painter of Louis XIII ("peintre ordinaire du Roy") in 1639. Georges de la Tour and his works were rediscovered only in the 20th century. The artist and his wife died during an epidemic in Lunéville in 1652.