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Georg Breitwieser

Georg Breitwieser

*  1890 Langstadt bei Dieburg
† 1938 Darmstadt

The painter Georg Breitwieser was born in Langstadt, a small town north-west of Darmstadt, in 1890. His first training was as a glass painter. From 1908 until 1910 Georg Breitwieser trained at the teaching studios in the Darmstadt Artists' Colony, where his teachers included Adolf Beyer and Friedrich Wilhelm Kleukens. In 1910 Georg Breitwieser went to Berlin, where he lived until 1921. During that time he also attended the art school run by the Berlin Applied Arts Museum, where he trained under Emil Doepler and Emil Rudolf Weiß. After 1921 Georg Breitwieser returned to Darmstadt, where he worked as a freelance painter and graphic artist.
Georg Breitwieser's paintings may be described as a regional interpretation of international trends fused into a new style. Hence his earlier works contain unmistakable French Impressionist elements, such as the pale palette, while Breitwieser also incorporated tendencies from New Objectivity. Unsurprisingly, with their dark palette and eschewal of effects creating spatial depth, Breitwieser's later paintings correspond to the Darmstadt style that prevailed after the First World War. Georg Breitwieser was a member of both the Darmstadt Secession and the Darmstadt Group.