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François Anguier

François Anguier

*  1604 Eu
† 1669 Paris

The French sculptor François Anguier, brother of the even more famous Michel Anguier, is regarded one of the most important representatives of French baroque-classicist sculpting.
François Anguier was born in Eu (Seine-Maritime) in 1604. Being the son of a carpenter, he was first trained in wood carving by Martin Caron in Abbeville, before he continued his apprenticeship in Paris. After he had completed his training, François Anguier first travelled to England and stayed in Rome for two years as of around 1641. It seems likely that he was active in the workshop of the famous Alessandro Algardi.
In 1643 François Anguier returned to Paris and was hired by the Louvre, where he was in charge of the collection of antiquities. An office that would add further manifestation to his classicist baroque style.
Together with his brother Michel, François Anguier made the famous tomb of Henry de Montmorency and his wife Félicie in Moulins between 1651 and 1658. This masterpiece of baroque classicism made for François Anguier’s reputation as a gifted sculptor and his virtuosity in working with marble. From that point on he predominantly received commissions for tombs and graves.
The cool baroque classicist style of François Anguier was highly esteemed by his contemporaries. Still today he is regarded one of the most important 17th century artists in France.
In 1669 François Anguier died in Paris.