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Eduourd Léon Edy-Legrand

Eduourd Léon Edy-Legrand

*  1892 Bordeaux
† 1970 Bonieux /Vauclus

Edy-Legrand (specifially Edouard-Léon-Louis Legrand) was born on July 24, 1892, in Bourdeaux. After finishing his studies at the École des Beaux Artes in Paris and the Art Academy in Munich, Edy-Legrand lived and worked primarily as an illustrator for the Tolmer publishing house in Paris. Starting in 1933, he traveled extensively throughout Europe and North Africa, whereby several longer stays in Morocco strongly influenced the motifs in his works. After the Second World War, he traveled many times to the United States, where he worked as an illustrator for various publishing houses. Edy-Legrand died in September of 1970 in Bonnieux, Vaucluse.