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Desiderius Erasmus von Rotterdam

Desiderius Erasmus von Rotterdam

*  1469 Rotterdam
† 1536 Basel

Erasmus von Rotterdam, one of the leading theologians and humanists in Northern Europe, saw the light of day in Rotterdam. As far as his exact year of birth is concerned, we have to settle with speculations, however, it is quite likely that Erasmus was born in the 1460s. The year of his death, on the other hand, is certain: The renowned humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam, who also called himself Erasmus Desiderius, died in Basle in 1536 .
Erasmus chose a theologian career from an early point on. In 1492 he became a priest and studied theology, which he completed with a doctorate. Intensive studies in European countries, among others, in England, France and Italy, as well as the exchange with contemporaries have decisive impact on Erasmus of Rotterdam. Among the core ideas of his teachings are questions regarding free will, particularly in terms of religious faith.
Among the main works by Erasmus of Rotterdam are "The Praise of Folly" (Latin "Encomium moriae", around 1510), as well as "Colloquies" (Latin "Colloquia Familiaria", 1518) or the treatise "Of free will: Discourses" (Latin "De libero arbitrio diatribe sive collatio", 1524).