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Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys

Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys

*  1920 Amsterdam
† 2005 Utrecht

The Dutch painter and sculptor Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys was born in Amsterdam on 21 July, 1920. Nieuwenhuys attended the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. After 1946 the artist lived in Paris and London. He met Asger Jorn in Paris, they founded the artists's group "CoBrA" in 1948. In the same year Nieuwenhuys and Karel Appel founded the "Nederlands Experimentele Groep". He was a member of the Situationist International from 1957 to 1959. Due to their influence he focused on his utopic project New Babylon (which he presented at the documenta 11 in 2000), dealing with architecture from 1959 to 1969. Nieuwenhuys represented the Netherlands duringe the Venice Biennale in 1969 and exhibited his works in Germany, i.e. in the Galerie van de Loo and the Museum Haus Lange in Krefeld. The Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn presented a retrospective of the artist in 1986. Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys died in Utrecht on 1 August, 2005.