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Claude Lorrain

Claude Lorrain

*  1600 Chamagne
† 1682 Rom

The French painter Claude Lorrain, also known as Claude Gellée or Claude Le Lorraine was born in Chamagne, Lothringia in 1600. Lorrain initially worked as a pie maker. Aged 13 Claude Lorrain lived in Rome. In Rome he started an apprenticeship under Agostino Tassi, who developed illusionic frescos. In 1625 Lorrain returned to Paris for a short time where he worked as an assistant of Claude Deruet on the frescos of the Karmeliten Church in Nancy. Around 1630 Lorrain painted frescos in the Palazzo Crescenzi. In 1635 he received an order from Philipp IV of Spain. Lorrain died in Rome on 23 November 1682.