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Carl d.Ä. Jutz

Carl d.Ä. Jutz

*  1838 Windschläg bei Offenburg
† 1916 Pfaffendorf bei Koblenz

Carl Jutz, the Elder, was born in Windschlag near Offenburg in 1838. Carl Jutz, the Elder, turned into an expressive painter of pets. Jutz became a member of A. Knip's studio in Baden-Baden in 1853. After the death of A. Knipp in 1859, Carl Jutz, the Elder, wanted to study at the Academy of Art in Munich. Apparently, however, he was not accepted and thus studied autodidactically. From 1916 to his death he was a member of the art club Malkasten. Carl Jutz died in Pfaffendorf near Coblenz in 1916.