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Anton Henning

Anton Henning

*  1964 Berlin

As painter, object- and media artist, as well as photographer Anton Henning counts among the most important representatives of German contemporary art.
Anton Henning was born in Berlin in 1964. As artist he remains self-taught. As early as during his days in New York (1989-1994) Anton Henning made a name for himself as artist, initially with overpainted photographs and paintings. A little later he made the "Jazzbilder", Anton Henning's approach to the "Psychedelia" from the 1960s and early 1970s.
His references, in a post-modern sense, are characteristic of Anton Henning's art. From an ironic distance, Anton Henning combines seemingly contrasts of conservatism and modernism, intellectualism and trivia.
As far as themes are concerned, Anton Henning is active in the classic genres - landscape, still life, nude, portrait. However, he also made abstract works, both in an expressive-gestural as well as in a strictly geometrical mode. The "Hennling", a loop ornament, is a true leitmotif in the art of Anton Henning. It is also employed as "Störer" (Disturber) and virtually has the character of a signature.
Paintings by Anton Henning are often displayed in opulent frames and mark the threshold to objects. Around the mid 1990s Anton Henning became increasingly active as sole object artist. Next to classic sculptures, which show references to his oeuvre of paintings, he made Ready-mades or the series of illuminated furniture called "Mintrex".
Works by Anton Henning are in possession of international museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles or the Genter Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst. Anton Henning, who received the "Förderpreis Bild. Kunst" from the Berlin Art Academy in 2001, lives and works in the town of Manker, Brandenburg.