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Antoine Watteau

Antoine Watteau

*  1684 Valenciennes
† 1721 Nogent-sur-Marne

Antoine Watteau was born in the Flemish town of Valenciennes on October 10th, 1684. He was apprenticed to Gérin, a local painter. Around 1702 Watteau went to Paris where he found employment in a workshop. Then he met the painter Gillot who taught him for a brief period. Watteau started studying the paintings of Rubens who would become one of the artist's major influences in terms of using blooming colors. Antoine Watteau became a member of the Academy in 1712. After 1716, the artist lived for a time in the residence of his friend Crozat, a rich art collector. In 1720, becoming ill, Watteau moved to England for a while, but returned in worse health. At the age of 37 Antoine Watteau died of consumption in Nogent-sur-Marne near Vincennes on 18 July, 1721.