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Antiveduto della Grammatica

Antiveduto della Grammatica

*  1569 Rom
† 1626 Rom

The painter and drawer Antiveduto della Grammatica counts among the most important Caravaggisti.
Antiveduto della Grammatica was born at Rome in 1569. He received lessons in art from the Perugian Giandomenico Angelini. It seems Antiveduto della Grammatica specialized on portraits of famous men, the serial portraits "Uomini Illustri", during his apprenticeship.
Antiveduto della Grammatica successfully continued these activities in his own workshop, which he started in the 1590s. As far as motifs are concerned, Antiveduto della Grammatica was not solely focussed on serial portraits, he also rendered religious subjects and depicted musical themes, a field in which he proved to be quite innovative.
Around 1593 Antiveduto della Grammatica came in contact with Caravaggio. The painter, who had just arrived in Rome, was active in Antiveduto’s studio. Caravaggio and Antiveduto della Grammatica seemed to have been in close personal contact.
As far as his style was concerned, Antiveduto della Grammatica drew near Caravaggio and his crude verismo. It was around 1620 that Antiveduto della Grammatica’s style was touched by classicist tendencies from the Domenichino circle.
The artist was quite in demand in Rome. The city’s greatest collections were in possession of works by his hand. Cardinal del Monte and Vincenzo Giustiniani, but also Gian Luigi Mercati, Ferdinando Gonzaga or Alessandro Ruffinelli were among Antiveduto della Grammatica’s clients. He received commissions from Scipione Borghese and the Duke of Savoy called a total of 17 works by Antiveduto della Grammatica his own, according to an inventory list from 1635. The remarkably successful imageries by Antiveduto della Grammatica were often copied.
Antiveduto della Grammatica was accepted into the new Accademia di San Luca as early as in 1593. In 1624, by that time he already was a famous artist, he was elected its Principe. Inspired by his success, the painter wanted to introduce innovations in the academy, which was met with resistance, he was defamed and forced to resign after just ten months.
Jwo years after these traumatic events Antiveduto della Grammatica died at his hometown.