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Angerer d. Ä.

Angerer d. Ä.

*  1938 Bad Reichenhall

Ludwig Valentin Angerer, called Angerer d.Ä [the Elder] is regarded - just as it is the case with his brother Angerer d. J. [the Younger] a representative of Magic Realism in which fictitious and magical elements are combined with a romantic image concept. The focus of his art is on the fusion of painting, architecture and sculpture, he seeks orientation with models such as van Gogh, Gauguin and Chagall, but also follows Old Masters like Leonardo or Breughel. The paintings by Angerer d. Ä. are particularly captivating for their virtuoso technique.
Born in Bad Reichenhall on 7 August in 1938, Angerer d.Ä. completed his studies of architecture in Munich between 1957 and 1961. Afterwards he attended the 'Akademie der Bildenden Künste' and studied under Professor Ruf until 1966. In 1967 he worked as an architectural designer and monument conservator with A. v. Branca in Munich. Over the following years he won several architecture prizes. Since 1975 he has been active as a freelance architect and artist, his works have been presented in numerous German and international exhibitions. Alongside his occupation with illustration and writing, the versatile Angerer d. Ä. also makes movie and theater sets. He was awarded the Bavarian Film Prize for the set design of the film “Die unendliche Geschichte II“ (The Neverending Story II) from Michael Ende. Additionally, he created stage and costume designs for the world premiere of J. J. R. Tolkien's “The Hobbit“ in 1994. In 1996 Angerer d. Ä. made the bronze tomb for Michael Ende, which is modeled on the author's stories, together with other artists he initiated the 'Zentrum für Phantastische Künstler' (Center for Fantastic Artists). A year later he was commissioned to remodel the Erlöserkapelle (Chapel of Our Savior) in Biburg, a work of art combining architecture, painting and sculpting, the completion was crowned by a ceremonial dedication in 2000. After Angerer d. Ä. had been appointed cultural ambassador of Lower Bavaria, more projects followed, among them the life-size model Christus-Dom. He also received further awards and had a grand retrospective at Trierenberg-Art. A comprehensive art book with the title “Die Rückkehr des Menschen in die Kunst“ that honors the artist's work is released in 2016. Together with his wife, Angerer d. Ä. Lives on a farm in the Holledau.