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Andreas Gryphius

Andreas Gryphius

*  1616 Glogau
† 1664 Glogau

Andreas Gryphius was born on October 2, 1616, in Glogau, Silesia, the youngest son of the Protestant archdeacon, Paul Gryphius. In 1631, Andreas began attending various schools in Görlitz and Fraustadt. From 1634 until 1636, he studied at the Academic Gymnasium in Danzig (present-day Gdansk, Poland). In 1638, Gryphius accompanied the two sons of his patroness Schönborner on their knight tour through the Netherlands. He traveled on his own to Den Haag, Paris, Marseille, Florence, Rome, Venice, and Strassbourg in 1644. Gryphius married Rosina Deutschländer in Fraustadt 1649. Duke William IV of Sachsen-Weimar inducted him into the Fruitbearing Society in 1662; Gryphius' name within the society was "der Unsterbliche" (the immortal). He died on July 16, 1664, in Glogau.