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André Butzer

André Butzer

*  1973 Stuttgart

André Butzer counts among the most striving German contemporary artists.
André Butzer was born in Stuttgart in 1973. Between 1996 and 2000 he was a member of the Hamburg artist group "Akademie Isotrop". In 2001 André Butzer and Björn Dahlem founded the "Institut für SDI-Traumforschung" (Intitute for SDI Dream Research), he is also co-publisher of the artist magazine "Isotrops".
In his latest paintings André Butzer uses two clearly contrasting approaches, which, however, both realize convincing results. On the one hand, there is his "Science-Fiction-Expressionism". Expressive works in intensive colors in a figurative abstract mode that calls reminiscence of the art of the "Jungen Wilden" (wild youth) from the 1980s - André Butzer himself refers to Walt Disney as a source of inspiration. This complex of works is contrasted by paintings in the style of a geometric abstraction: simple, strictly reduced forms on gray background foils, conceived with a pictorial and subjective stroke of the brush.
Over the past couple of years André Butzer's works have been the subject of solo shows, amongst them the exhibition "André Butzer" at the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the CAC Contemporary Art Club at the Theseustempel in Vienna in 2011 or the exhibition "André Butzer: Der wahrscheinlich beste abstrakte Maler der Welt" at the Kestnergesellschaft in Hanover in 2010.
From time to time André Butzer appears under a pseudonym (N-Hölderlin, Henry Butzer, Calvin Cohn). He lives and works as "Suebian in exile" in Rangsdorf near Berlin.