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Albrecht Altdorfer

Albrecht Altdorfer

*  1488 Altendorf bei Landshut
† 1538 Regensburg

Born in Altendorf near Landshut in 1488, the German painter, engraver and xylographer Albrecht Altdorfer went to Regensburg in 1511 where he later became a member of the "Innerer Rat" (Inner Council) and was responsible for urban development. He should become one of the earliest German landscape painters. In his works he reflected the fantastic romancticism of his time with poetic gentleness and fabulous grace. The large picture "Alexander's Victory (The Battle at the Issus)" - rich in figures - exhibited in the "Alte Pinakothek" in Munich is considered to be the artist's main work. Altdorfer's engravings are as expressive and tender as his paintings. Due to his small formats, Altdorfer has been recognised as a "little master". There is no doubt that his best pieces are among others "Die schöne Maria zu Regensburg", "Der Sündenfall" and "Die Erlösung" in 40 sheets that were wrongly attributed to Dürer and reprinted and published in 1604. Albrecht Altdorfer died in Regensburg in 1511.