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Albertus Magnus

Albertus Magnus

*  1200 Lauingen
† 1280 Köln

Albertus the Great was born around 1200 in Lauingen. In 1223, he began studying in Padua. In 1223, Albertus entered the Dominican fraternity. He completed his novitiate in the Stolkgasse monastery in Cologne. In 1243, Albertus went to the university in Paris for 5 years and earned the title Master of Theology in 1245. Pope Alexander IV named Albertus Bishop of Regensburg and Prince of the Empire on January 5, 1260. He arranged difficult matters of his diocese but soon after, he abdicated in order to go back to the Dominikan fraternity in Cologne where he wanted to live in accordance with the mendicant principles he believed in. Albertus Magnus died on November 15, 1280 in Cologne. He was a multitalent and polyscientist par excellence and was assigned the honorate doctorate "Doctor universalis". His extensive knowledge in philosophical, scientific and medical fields made him an outstanding representative of his era. 1622, Albertus Magnus was beatified, in 1931 he was canonized.