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Albert Lebourg

Albert Lebourg

*  1849 Montfort-sur-Risle
† 1928 Rouen

The French landscape painter Albert Lebourg was born on February 1, 1848, in Monfort-sur-Risle. From his teachers G. Morin and Jean Seignemartin, he received his early artistic instruction. He later took up a teaching position himself, giving instruction at the École des Beau Arts in Algiers from 1872 until 1876. Lebourg worked for a time with J. P. Laurens in Paris, and his artistic work took on a more and more Impressionistic character. His artistic career was supported by Camille Pissarro, who had recognized his talent. He first exhibited in 1878 with Monet, Sisley, Renoir, and Pissarro on Montmartre Boulevard. >From 1890 until 1914, he regularly participated in the exhibits of the Salon der Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, winning many prizes. Lebourg was made a member of the Légion d'honneur in 1903. He ceased his work in 1921 and moved to Rouen. His earlier, often picturesque motifs were created there. The images of the river landscapes which he painted are panoramic and beholden to the Impressionistic style. The landscapes were based on those in Ile-de-France, Normandy, and the places Lebourg had traveled. During his artistic isolation, he also left many excellent figure drawings. The great recognition and respect given to Lebourg and his works can be seen in the many exhibits he took part in. Albert Lebourg died on January 6, 1928, in Rouen, France.