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Abraham Bloemaert

Abraham Bloemaert

*  1566 Gorinchem
† 1651 Utrecht

On 25. December 1564 the Dutch painter Abraham Bloemart was born in Gorinchem (Netherlands). The son of the architect Cornelius Bloemaert initially gained his painting skills under Franz Floris and Joos de Beer in Utrecht and afterwards in Paris over a period of three years. In 1597 he became a citizen of Amsterdam. In 1611 the painter moved to Utrecht and set up his own studio which was regarded as the start of the painting school of Utrecht. Bloemaert had substantial influence on Dutch painting - he was seen as the intermediary between the Flemish and the Dutch art style. Simultaneously, he cultivated portrait painting, history painting and genre painting. Abraham Bloemaert died in Utrecht on 27 January 1651.