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Pierre Girieud

Pierre Girieud

*  1876 Marseille
† 1948 Paris oder Nogent-sur-Marne

In 1879, three years after the birth of Pierre Girieud, his family moves away from Paris and settles near Marseilles. The scenery of Provence and its ancient past were to be of great influence on Girieud's work until about 1912. His father spots his talent early in his life and he fosters it. It is shortly after his move to Paris in 1900 that Girieud meets Fabian Launay, a young artist. They both sketch together in the Académie and are regular visitors to the Louvre and Durand-Ruel's exhibitions. It was at this time that he meets Picasso and they form a close friendship, lasting into the 30's. Exhibitions increase in number: in March 1902 Girieud exhibits for the first time 10 pictures at the Salon des Indépendants, where he is a regular visitor up until 1911. In 1904 he sets about his first great piece of work, the triptych 'The Temptation of Holy Antonius', which he exhibits in 1905 at both the Salon d'Automne in the Hall of Fauves and at the Seurat as well as at the XX1 Salon des Indépendants, dedicated to Van Gogh. 1906 sees the completion of his work entitled 'L'Hommage ŕ Gauguin which he exhibits at the Gauguin retrospective at the Salon d'Automne. One year later he travels to Italy. The impressions he gathers there, above all of old masters, are reflected in his later paintings. It was Girieud's influential role in the Paris art scene and his international reputation that were the most probable reason behind his invitation to membership in the 'new union of artists in Munich'. Following his joining the union in 1910 he participates in three exhibitions such as amongst others in the Thannhauser Gallery together with Franz Marc. This is the reason why Girieud travels to Munich where he meets Jawlensky, Hugo von Tschudi and Kandinsky. When the First World War breaks out contact with his Munich friends is broken. After the war until his death in 1948 he lives in Marseille and Cassis.