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Lee Krasner

Lee Krasner

*  1908 New York
† 1984 New York

In the course of her life, Lee Krasner, one of the main protagonists of North American abstract expressionism and married to Jackson Pollock since 1945, produced a remarkably varied and original body of works. Between 1926 and 1933 she studied in New York at the Women's Art School of Cooper Union, the Art Students League, the National Academy of Design and finally the New York City College. In 1934 Krasner joinsed the WPA/FAP (Works Progress Administration/Federal Arts Project) which made it their job to help artists through the time of economic depression. Three more years of training under Hans Hofmann, the German painter and influential broker of modern european art, clearly left their mark in the works of the artist. But the initial cubic style was soon replaced by an increasingly free and direct style of painting, inspired - no doubt - by her personal closeness to Pollock, but also under the influence of Harold Rosenberg's theories on abstract expressionism. Today Krasner - together with Helen Frankenthaler - is considered the one female protagonist of this momentous, abstract emotional tendency. Pollock's death in 1956 represented a decisive turning point in her works. She produced so-called ‚night pictures', large formats in earthy colours, revolving around subjects like death, birth, and spiritiuality. Later, Krasner turned to collage technique, culminating in the 1976 series ‚Eleven Ways to Use the Words to See'. Here she combined bits of old paintings from the late 1930s with more recent works, a method, which the artist would stick to until her death in 1984.