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Ketterer Kunst Beats Previous Top Performance
Munich, December 14, 2018, (kk) - Total proceeds of around € 52 million*; that's the fantastic result of the business year 2018 for Ketterer Kunst. "This way we were able to excel our own top result from last year by more than € 2 million* and we continue to strengthen our leading position among the German art auctioneers", says Robert Ketterer.

   TOP 10

           Result        Calling Price         Artist    –    Title  
1)    € 1,687,500*   € 1,200,000   Emil Nolde - Herbstwolken, Friesland
2)    € 1,462,500*   € 550,000   Günther Uecker - Zärtlicher Garten
3)    € 1,000,000*   € 800,000   Gerhard Richter - Portrait Schniewind
4)    € 937,000*      € 380,000   August Macke - Begrüssung (Thunersee)
5)    € 825,000*      € 600,000   Günther Uecker - Woge, Japan
6)    € 662,500*      € 280,000   Tony Cragg - Point of View ==> World Record**
6)    € 662,500*      € 280,000   Georg Baselitz - Mäanderlied (28.VII.91/2.VIII.91)
7)    € 625,500*      € 500,000   Erich Heckel - Badende am Stein
8)    € 537,500*      € 240,000   Robert Rauschenberg - County Sweep (Galvanic Suite)
9)    € 525,000*      € 220,000   Alfons Walde - Aurach bei Kitzbühel
9)    € 525,000*      € 200,000   Konrad Klapheck - Royal ==> World Record**
10)  € 500,000*      €180,000    Ernst Wilhelm Nay - Purpurmelodie
10)  € 500,000*      €400,000    Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Selbstporträt mit Gerda (...)
10)  € 500,000*      €400,000    Ernst Wilhelm Nay - Schwarze Sternenbahn
Indeed, the million-euro-line was crossed three times. In total, almost 100 results reached or crossed the 100,000-euro-line. "I am very happy that we were able to score this excellent result despite the current precarious political and economical conditions", states auctioneer and company owner Robert Ketterer. "Above all, we were able to get a very large number of international art lovers involved, which is also explained by our very innovative internet activities and numerous enterprises abroad".

Ketterer continues: "Our long-term experience, especially with German art and our specialization in this field, is another contributing factor". The results clearly deliver proof of the strong demand for works by artists with close ties to Germany. The results in the TOP TEN LIST reflects this trend.

Modern Art / Post War and as well as Classics of the 20th Century & Ketterer Contemporary
This fall the auction catalogs in this departments were restructured, the previous arrangement by genres was changed in favor of a stronger focus on acclaimed artists of the 20th century on the one hand and on works by contemporary artists that were predominantly made as of the year 2000 on the other. Robert Ketterer comments: "It's important to have one's finger on the pulse of the time, to anticipate imminent changes and to act foresightful. In this context the rearrangement was a logic consequence that our clients met with wide approval".

Next to 22 works by Emil Nolde, whose oil painting "Herbstwolken, Friesland" from the Collection Sprengel turned out the year's top lot, the list of desires was also led by 19 works from Günther Uecker, of which two lots also made the Top Ten List. Ten works by Gerhard Richter, of which seven works alone reached six-figure realms, also made for great enthusiasm. Works by, among others Georg Baselitz, Lovis Corinth, Otto Dix, Katharina Grosse, Asger Jorn, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Max Liebermann, August Macke, Koloman Moser, Gabriele Münter, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Robert Rauschenberg, Victor Vasarely and Alfons Walde also saw impressive price increases. New world records - often as a consequence of enormous rises - were realized by, among others, works by Norbert Bisky, Tony Cragg, Günter Fruhtrunk, Konrad Klapheck and Josef Scharl.

19th Century Art
With a total of more than € 2.4 million*, this department recorded one of its best results ever. The great domestic and international interest in this section is not only reflected in the sales figures but also by a sales quota of 77% by lots and by around 30% first time buyers. Another remarkable aspect is the fact that from the very narrow range of offers of just 219 works, a total of 65 lots, more than one third, crossed the 10,000-euro-line.
Next to the TOP 5 mentioned below, nine objects by Franz von Stuck, all sold with high price rises, were also in strong demand. The array was led by three bronzes. With increases of up to a six-fold of the calling price, four lots by Joseph Wopfner, as well as three works by Karl Hagemeister, led by his painting "Schwere See" which climbed from € 25,000 to € 55,000*, provided astonishing results. Apart from Hermann Pleuer's atmospheric train station scene "Stuttgarter Westbahnhof in der Abenddämmerung", which realized more than a twelve-fold of its calling price and turned out the star of the spring auction, more fine results were achieved by works by Oswald Achenbach, Alexander Koester, Maxime Emile Louis Maufra, Johann Wilhelm Preyer, Josef Stoitzner and Albert August Zimmermann.

Rare Books - Manuscripts - Autographs - Decorative Prints
The very good figures this department grossed add up to more than € 3.3 million*, putting the 2018 balance on par with the best results this section had achieved previously. "Our success is based on the undisputed high quality of our offers", says Christoph Calaminus, auctioneer and Head of the Rare Books Department, "our detailed research and the elaborate presentation in the catalogs are other key ingredients".

Apart from several late-medieval parchment manuscripts and a marvelous German first edition of the "Nuremberg Chronic" in Koberger coloring, the top lots also included various botanical works by, among others, Maria Sibylla Merian, Johann Michael Seligmann and Christoph Jakob Trew. Next to Gustav Klimt's renowned book illustrations for the "Hetärengespräche des Lukian", which realized a seven-fold of its calling price at € 29,520* and Alberto Giacometti's Paris book with a result of € 23,000*, three of the rare Bauhaus postcards by Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer and Lyonel Feininger grossed a sensational combined result of around € 26,000*. This performance of works from 600 years of book history impressively illustrates the vast scope and the diversity the Department of Rare Books has to offer.

Ketterer Internet Auctions
The balance is completed by the results of the monthly online auctions on, which enjoy more and more popularity. The reason for the online auction's success is surely due to both the innovative concepts (like the 1-Euro-Auction) as well as the excellent quality it has to offer. This year it included, among others, works by renowned artists such as Stephan Balkenhol, Joseph Beuys, Rupprecht Geiger, Gotthard Graubner, Jörg Immendorff, Yves Klein, Adolf Luther, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Serge Poliakoff, Günther Uecker, Victor Vasarely and Andy Warhol.

The family company Ketterer Kunst ( and, with headquarters in Munich and branches in Hamburg, Duesseldorf, Berlin and the USA, was founded in 1954. It is one of the leading European houses for auctions of Fine Art from the 19th to the 21st Century and Rare Books. The 2018 art market review, compiled by, ranks Ketterer Kunst on place 19 in the TOP 100 Fine Art Auction Houses worldwide. The auctioneer's clientele predominantly consists of international collectors, art dealers, curators and museums.
The Top Five of all Departments in 2018

Classics of the 20th Century
1) Emil Nolde         - Herbstwolken, Friesland
Result:   € 1,687,500*  Calling price:    € 1,200,000      Hammer price: € 1,350,000

2) Günther Uecker    - Zärtlicher Garten
Result:   € 1,462,500*  Calling price:    € 550,000     Hammer price: € 1,170,000

3) Gerhard Richter    - Porträt Schniewind
Result:   € 1,000,000*  Calling price:    € 800,000     Hammer price: € 800,000

4) August Macke    - Begrüssung (Thunersee)
Result:   € 937,500*  Calling price:    €  380,000     Hammer price: € 750,000

5) Günther Uecker     - Woge, Japan
Result:   € 825,000*  Calling price:    € 710,000     Hammer price: € 660,000

Ketterer Contemporary
1) Tony Cragg         - Versus
Result:   € 375,000*  Calling price:    € 250,000     Hammer price: € 300,000

2) Katharina Grosse    - Ohne Titel
Result:   € 275,000*  Calling price:    € 80,000     Hammer price: € 220,000

3) Katharina Grosse    - Ohne Titel
Result:   € 212,500*  Calling price:    € 90,000     Hammer price: € 170,000

4) Imi Knoebel    -Anima Mundi 41-5
Result:   € 143,750*  Calling price:    € 60,000     Hammer price: € 115,000

5) Karin Kneffel    - 2008/8
Result:   € 125,000*   Calling price:    € 75,000     Hammer price: € 100,000

19th Century Art
1) Ivan Aivasovsky         - Ruhige See
Result:   € 212,500*  Calling price:    € 120,000     Hammer price: € 170,000

2) Max Liebermann         - Die Wochenstube – Schweinekoben
Result:   € 162,500*  Calling price:    € 60,000     Hammer price: € 130,000

3) Carl Spitzweg    - Am Sonntagmorgen
Result:   € 87,500*  Calling price:    € 36,000     Hammer price: € 70,000

4) Leo Putz         - Auf dem Sofa II (Gusti)
Result:   € 62,625*  Calling price:    € 55,000     Hammer price: € 52,500

5) Edward Cucuel         - Schöner Herbstnachmittag
Result:   € 62,500*  Calling price:    € 50,000     Hammer price: € 50,000

Rare Books - Manuscripts - Autographs - Decorative Prints - Hamburg
1) Hartmann Schedel         - Liber chronicarum, Nuremberg 1493
Result:   € 147,600*  Calling price:    € 95,000     Hammer price: € 120,000

2) Latin Book of Hours         - Bruges around 1460-70
Result:   € 103,320*   Calling price:    € 20,000     Hammer price: € 84,000

3) Latin and French Book of Hours    - Rouen around 1470
Result:   € 78,720*   Calling price:    € 27,000     Hammer price: € 64,000

4) Latin Book of Hours    - France around 1480
Result:   € 70,110*  Calling price:    € 17,000     Hammer price: € 57,000

5) Maria Sybilla Merian   - Der Raupen Verwandlung Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Leipzig 1679-83
Result:   € 51,660*  Calling price:    € 7,000     Hammer price: € 42,000

*    The result includes the hammer price + 25% buyer's premium. This is in line with the agreements of the 'Verband Deutscher Kunstversteigerer' (Association of German Art Auctioneers). EXCEPTION: Van Ham charges a buyer's premium of 27 %.
*    The result in the Rare Books Department is the hammer price + 23% buyer's premium.
**   Auction records according

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