Ketterer Kunst Beats Top Result of Anniversary Year 2014
Impressive Figures
Munich, 15 December. 2016, (kk) - Total proceeds of around € 47 million*, that's the great result of the business year 2016 at Ketterer Kunst. "This means that we even excelled the top result of our anniversary year 2014", says Robert Ketterer. "Scores of records and more than 80 results beyond the € 100,000 line are the result of the quality on offer as well as the appeal of art in general."
            TOP 10

           Result           Calling price
1)    € 725,000*   € 500,000   Emil Nolde - Figur und Clematis
2)    € 700,000*   € 340,000   Hermann Max Pechstein - Stürmisches Wetter ...
3)    € 625,000*   € 200,000   Helen Frankenthaler - Marchioness
4)    € 537,000*   € 75,000   Hermann Max Pechstein - Wintermorgen
5)    € 525,000*   € 180,000   Günther Uecker - Feld I
6)    € 475,000*   € 120,000   Sam Francis - Over orange (SF58-058)
7)    € 450,000*   € 120,000   Sam Francis - White line (SF59-283
8)    € 437,500*   € 200,000   Wassily Kandinsky - Kleines Warm
8)    € 437,500*   € 160,000   Hermann Max Pechstein - Rote Häuser
9)    € 412,500*   € 180,000   Franz von Stuck - Ödipus löst das Rätsel der Sphinx
10)  € 400,000*   € 140,000   Alexej von Jawlensky - Sonnenuntergang, Borkum

Apart from the good results for big American and international names, these figures show that German art sells exceptionally well on the domestic market. The trend also delivers proof of the increasing appeal of Post War and Contemporary Art, in addition to the classics of Modern Art. High-quality collections have a special drawing power, too. Accordingly, the extra catalog "Good Taste - A private collection" attracted more than 30% first time buyers. On top of a sales quota of almost 90% every sold object realized an increase of around 70% per lot sold.
Modern Art / Post War /Contemporary Art
These three departments alone made for proceeds amounting to € 36,6 million*. Works by artist of Expressionism from the surroundings of the Blaue Reiter and the Brücke were as popular with buyers as the fascinating works by American artists mainly offered in the second half of the year.

Next to Wassily Kandinsky, who was represented in the department of Modern Art with half a dozen excellent works, the buyers' wish list was also dominated by Emil Nolde. All of his 18 works were sold with sharp increases. His painting "Figur und Clematis" also was the top lot of the year, while Hermann Max Pechstein's "Stürmisches Wetter an der Ostsee" realized the highest hammer price in the first half of the year. Additionally, his work "Wintermorgen" achieved a seven-fold of its calling price and was sold for € 537,500* this autumn. All in all some 20 works by the German painter saw excellent sales. Other artists that realized impressive results are, among others, Cuno Amiet, Karl Hofer, Alexej von Jawlensky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Gabriele Münter, Oskar Schlemmer and Marianne von Werefkin.

In the department of Post War Art the established ZERO triumvirate Günther Uecker, Otto Piene and Heinz Mack were as much in demand as two first-class works by Willi Baumeister and the exciting offer of works by American artists. Helen Frankenthaler and Sam Francis, who tempted bidders with a total of nine works on paper, even set new records. Other artists worthwhile mentioning are Josef Albers, Tony Cragg, Anselm Kiefer, Yves Klein, Maria Lassnig, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Gerhard Richter, Sean Scully, Victor Vasarely and Andy Warhol.

Norbert Bisky, André Butzer, Tony Cragg, Rainer Fetting, Adrian Ghenie, Katharina Grosse, Eberhard Havekost, Jason Martin, Anselm Reyle, Thomas Ruff and Thomas Struth are leading figures in the segment of Contemporary Art. A new German record was realized for Imi Knoebel, as this was the first time that the 100,000 euro line was crossed for a work by the artist - twice in one day.

19th Century Art
With total proceeds of more than € 2.5 million* the department looks back on a very successful year and even topped the previous year by around € 200,000*. This success is surely owed to the new concept that puts a focus on 19th and early 20th century art. The segment's great popularity in Germany and abroad is not only reflected by the total revenue but also by some 40% first time buyers.

Besides works by Leo Putz and Ludwig von Hofmann, the art of Franz von Stuck was particularly sought-after. With results in six-digit realms he provided the top lots in both the spring and the autumn auction. Another constant guarantor of success is Alexander Koester, who was represented with several works. Other artists that made for convincing results are Carl Blechen, Jan Chelminski, Caspar David Friedrich, Karl Hagemeister, Walter Leistikow, Carl von Marr, Wilhelm Kuhnert, Friedrich Preller the Elder, Fritz von Uhde and Albert Weisgerber - the latter even realized a new world record.

Rare Books - Manuscripts - Autographs - Decorative Prints
This section fetched more than € 3.8 million* and excelled the previous year by around € 400,000*. "The fascinating range of objects on offer and their high quality played a key role in the department's success", says Christoph Calaminus, auctioneer and head of the Rare Books department. "The evening auctions have a special drawing power and attract also buyers with a main interest in art.“

Next to Alexei Michailowitsch Remisow's imaginative manuscript "Die Siegel des Obezvelvolpal" and John Hill's very rare complete botanic publication "Vegetable System", other top lots in the department are Joachim J. N. Spalowsky's only edition of the splendid natural history of "vierfüssige Thiere" (quadruped animals) as well as a copy of the famous bible edition illustrated by Marc Chagall from 1956.

Ketterer Internet Auctions and Direct Sales
The balance sheet is completed by the figures of the online auctions and the direct sales which made for around 10% of the revenue or a total sum of almost € 5 million. Artists that were particularly in demand are, among others Horst Antes, Rupprecht Geiger, Karl Hofer, Markus Lüpertz, Otto Piene, Gerhard Richter and Günther Uecker.

Since it was founded in 1954, Ketterer Kunst has been on the forefront of auction houses dealing in Fine Art and Rare Books, with its headquarters in Munich, and a branch in Hamburg. Representatives' offices in Berlin, Heidelberg, Dusseldorf, the Benelux Union, France, Switzerland and the US have contributed substantially to the company's success. In addition, exhibitions, special thematic and charity auctions as well as monthly online auctions at are regular events at Ketterer Kunst. Robert Ketterer is owner and CEO of Ketterer Kunst.
The top three lots in 2016 by department
Modern Art
1) Emil Nolde          - Figur und Clematis
Sold for:   € 725,000*  Calling price:    € 500,000    Hammer: € 580,000

2) Hermann Max Pechstein    - Stürmisches Wetter an der Ostsee (Beschienene Wellen)
Sold for:   € 700,000*  Calling price:    € 340,000    Hammer: € 560,000

3) Hermann Max Pechstein    - Wintermogen
Sold for:   € 537,500*  Calling price:    €  75,000     Hammer: € 430,000

Post War
1) Helen Frankenthaler          - Marchioness
Sold for:   € 625,000*  Calling price:    € 200,000    Hammer: € 500,000

2) Günther Uecker     - Feld I
Sold for:   € 525,000*  Calling price:    € 180,000    Hammer: € 420,000

3) Sam Francis    - Over orange (SF58-058)
Sold for:   € 475,000*  Calling price:    € 120,000     Hammer: € 380,000

Contemporary Art
1) Imi Knoebel         - Kreuz und quer
Sold for:   € 127,500*  Calling price:    € 55,000    Hammer: € 102,000

2) Imi Knoebel         - Pure Freude 84
Sold for:   € 125,000*  Calling price:    € 58,000    Hammer: € 100,000

3) Rainer Fetting    - Iris
Sold for:   € 82,500*  Calling price:    € 25,000    Hammer: € 66,000

Old Mastesr & Art of the 19th Century
1) Franz von Stuck         - Ödipus löst das Rätsel der Sphinx
Sold for:   € 412,500*  Calling price:    € 180,000    Hammer: € 330,000

2) Franz von Stuck         - Frühling
Sold for:   € 300,000*  Calling price:    € 30,000    Hammer: € 240,000

3) Jan Chelminski    - Parforcejagd
Sold for:   € 97,500*  Calling price:    € 10,000    Hammer: € 78,000

Rare Books - Manuscripts - Autographs - Decorative Prints - Hamburg
1) Alexei M. Remisow         - Collection for "Les sceaux" 1956. Paris 1934
Sold for:   € 90,000*  Calling price:    € 7,000    Hammer: € 72,000

2) John Hill         - Vegetable System. 13 vols. London 1761-75
Sold for:   € 77,500*  Calling price:    € 50,000    Hammer: € 62,000

3) Joachim Joh. Spalowsky    - Beytrag zur Naturgesch. der vierfüßigen Thiere. Vienna 1794
Sold for:   € 72,000*  Calling price:    € 28,000    Hammer: € 60,000

*    The rounded result is the hammer price + 25 % premium without VAT for hammer prices up to € 500,000.The share of the hammer price above € 500.000 is subject to a premium of + 20 % without VAT, which is added to the premium for the hammer price up to € 500.000.
*    In the department of Rare Books the result is the hammer price + 20 percent buyer's fee for all objects.
**   Unlike other German auction houses Ketterer Kunst holds its auctions over several days, which is reflected by total proceeds by around € 47 million* in 2016
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