The cityís most exclusive ladies
Raysse Munich, 6 June 2008, (kk) - Almost € 100,000* was the sum paid by a connoisseur of art and women from southern Europe for the small (36.2 x 36.2 cm) but exquisite Martial Raysse "Mädchenkopf" ["Head of a Girl"]. Thus he ensured that the estimate of € 40,000 was more than doubled at the Ketterer Kunst auction on 5 June 2008, which realised overall proceeds of € 2 400,000*. The overall proceeds from the two-day auction marathon (Modern Art and Post- War/Contemporary Art) amounted to € 6 400,000*.
Oehlen Anything but a lightweight is Albert Oehlenís 1982 "Frau als Eichamt" ["Woman as Office of Weights and Measures"]. This oil painting in a large format changed hands for a "calibration fee" of € 96,000* and will in future grace the walls of a German publishing house.
Perhaps it was the prospect of sunbathing on the Aegean that tempted Stephan Balkenholís seductively reclining beauty. His sculpture in wood of a "Liegende Frau" ["Reclining Woman"] (Lot no.: 384) entranced a Greek collector, who was willing to part with € 72,000* for this lovely
The Top 5 at the Auction of Post-War/Contemporary Art

€ 97,000*
No. 304: Martial Raysse - Head of a Girl
Schätzung: € 40,000-60,000

€ 96,000*
No. 363: Albert Oehlen - Woman as Office of Weights and Measures
Schätzung: € 70,000-90,000

€ 94,000*
No. 397: Enrico Castellani - Superficie bianca
Schätzung: € 80,000-100,000

€ 84,000*
No. 345: Cy Twombly - Natural History Part I, Mushrooms
Schätzung: € 30,000-40,000

€ 83,000*
No. 426: Jonathan Meese - Dr. Lilythyr (General Tanz Sautanz, s.v.p.)
Schätzung: € 55,000-65,000

Have mercy! Too late, Meese is there. Not Princess Lillyfee but the bestial "Dr. Lilithyr (General Tanz Sautanz, s.v.p.)" by Jonathan Meese, the art scene shooting star and enfant terrible could only be persuaded to move to southern climes for € 83,000*.
A little Italian work that made a big splash in Japan: Enrico Castellaniís 1995 "Superficie bianca" was secured by a distinguished Japanese art dealer for € 94,000*.
Back in the USA thanks to the American dealer who took Cy Twomblys "Natural History Part I, Mushrooms" home with him for € 84,000*.
More than honourable mention to the following:
Lot Artist (medium) Title Estimate € Sale price €
381 M. Kippenberger & A. Oehlen (oil) collective work 20,000 73,000*
314 R. Geiger (oil on canvas) OE 299/59 40,000 70,000-
402 P. Soulages (walnut stain) 1998 - G 40,000 70,000*
317 A. Calderara (oil on panel) In spazio rosso ... 14,000 56,000*
Post-auction sales of objects unsold at the auction run through 4 August 2008. For auction result lists please call 00 49 (0)89-55244-444.
* Sale price equalsHammer price + 20 per cent surcharge