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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Zwei liegende Akte, Um 1908.
Colored chalk drawing
Post auction sale: € 140,000 / $ 166,600
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Zwei liegende Akte. Um 1908.
Colored chalk drawing.
Verso with th estate stamp of the Basel (Lugt 1570b) and the hand-written registration number "Fs Dre/Bg 64". On brownish paper. 34.2 x 44.2 cm (13.4 x 17.4 in), the full sheet. [SM].

• Early and strong color chalks drawing with pictorial richness.
• Kirchner characterizes his models in their own implicitness
• Kirchner's homage to his lover Doris Große

This work is documented at the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Archive, Wichtrach/Bern.

PROVENANCE: Artist's estate.
Galerie Kornfeld, Bern.
Ernst & Gustel Pfänder, Nürtingen (since the 1960s, acquired from aforementioned)
Private collection (inherited from aforementioned)
Private collection North Rhine Westphalia.

In an article about the watercolors and drawings in the catalog for the exhibition on occasion of Kirchner's 80th birthday in Düsseldorf in 1960, Karlheinz Gabler, art historian, collector and art connoisseur describes that the immediate colorfulness seen in the art of Kees van Dongen and the remarkable fine silhouettes of Gustav Klimt have influenced Kirchner since he saw them in presentations and exhibitions in in Dresden in 1908: "Kirchner transforms these inspirations to infinity. From summer 1910 he created a very personal and versatile body of graphic work from them. [..] Kirchner's drawings and pastels of the 'soft style‘ (1908-1910) are filled with a sturdy and problem-free sensuality [..]. " (Karlheinz Gabler, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf 1960). Accordingly, these two chubby women reclined on a cushion-like landscape which Kirchner drapes with a confident stroke, appear in the admirable speed that he had practiced with his "Brücke" friends in the "Viertelstunden-Akten" (15-Minute-Nudes) in the studio of Fritz Bleyl. The powerfully colored chalk drawing is characterized by its quick execution. Again, there are two nudes crouched side by side in Kirchner's studio following the artist at work with wide-open eyes. While the left model is almost completely wrapped up in a blanket, except for the face with the red cheeks, the right model is lying on the side in relaxed nudity with her legs propped up. Kirchner just needs a few strong contours in color chalk to capture the scene and then fill the space between the bodies with a few hatchings. The background, apparently the texture of a wall of the studio, remains unclear, the color of the paper dominates the composition. While the time required to sit still for the artist to make the color chalk drawing can be assumed as rather short, the two same models have to hold the desired pose for the painting "Stehende nackte Mädchen am Ofen" from the same time a lot longer. Who are the two women with the pinned-up hair? Kirchner characterizes his models in their personal self-conception and not only clearly dissociates himself, like many his fellow artists, from the academically practiced view, but also finds a way to represent nativeness and, not least, erotically charged femininity. Kirchner's depictions of bodies rendered in just a few contour lines are lively and can be considered a great veneration for the beauty of the female body itself, here a homage to his lover Dodo. Doris Große, who Kirchner had met in 1903 became his lover only in 1909? The other model may perhaps be Dodo's sister Armgart? Kirchner started the swift narration of studio scenes with two models as early as in 1906. Initially in charcoal drawings, he later changed to clear outline drawings with colored pencils, in a next step he emphasized the soft side of pastel chalks in order to realize, just as it is the case in this work, a pictorial richness that adds the desired spatial depth to the scene. With complementary accents and fascinating contrasts Kirchner conceives his own world of colors. [MvL]
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Zwei liegende Akte, Um 1908.
Colored chalk drawing
Post auction sale: € 140,000 / $ 166,600

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