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Sale: 470 / Post War I, June 09. 2018 in Munich Lot 951

Lot description
Grün-Blau-Rot. 1993.
Oil on canvas.
Work overview of paintings 789/1-115. Butin 81. Verso signed, dated and inscribed "zu 789 (H.B.)". Work aside from the edition of 115. 29.7 x 39.8 cm (11.6 x 15.6 in).
Released by the art magazine Parkett, Zürich (edition no. 35, March 1993).
Due to the manual color application and the individual treatment with the squeegee each copy is of unique character.

PROVENANCE: From the artist.
Private collection Cologne.
Private collection Southern Germany.

This work is part of Richter's namesake edition of oil pictures made for the Swiss art magazine "Parkett". Richter inscribed these pictures with his monogram on verso, just as it is the case here, and gave them directly to their first owners. The title specifies the three employed colors and the order in which they were applied onto the canvas. At times the individual color fields show sharp contrasts, at times they merge. Owing to the application of the paint by means of a squeegee, distribution and color gradient can't be predicted. One layer may get stuck to another, they may superimpose one another or simply mix. Coincide plays a key role - all in line with Richter's intention - liberating the artist from the necessity of a consciously executed design or composition and providing an opportunity to create something entirely unpredictable.
Gerhard Richter
Grün-Blau-Rot, 1993.
Oil on canvas
€ 200,000 / $ 226,000
€ 262,500 / $ 296.625

(incl. 25% surcharge)

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