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Sale: 469 / Contemporary Art, June 09. 2018 in Munich Lot 834

Lot description
Coronen dancing. 2018.
Acrylic on canvas . Scanning tunneling microscope shot of self assembly molecules on crystal surface, 100 million times magnified.
Signed and dated in lower right and in lower center. 94 x 107 cm (37 x 42.1 in).
From the series "Molecular Art". Self-organized molecular composition of trimesic acid molecules (C9O6H6) with co-adsorbed hard (green) and rotating (blue) coronene molecules (C24H12). [CH].

PROVENANCE: From the artist' studio.

"As nano-scientist and artist Wolfgang M. Heckl crosses borders between science & art, as his painting is based on molecular processes of self-organization. He calls this new style Moleculism. [..] Science begins where natural perception ends. Heckl understands to take the world of forms that we explore through means of technical perception, to spheres of natural perception through painting. His molecular compositions create new dialectics beyond abstraction and figuration."
Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Peter Weibel, directoe, chairman and CEO of ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien in Karlsruhe)

Wolfgang M. Heckl
Coronen dancing, 2018.
Acrylic on canvas
€ 6,000 / $ 6,780
€ 8,750 / $ 9.887

(incl. 25% surcharge)

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Wolfgang M. Heckl - Coronen dancing - Frame image
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