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Sale: 458 / Post War II, Dec. 08. 2017 in Munich Lot 435

Lot description
Quadratfragment. 1992.
Not in Honisch. 87 x 79 x 13 cm (34.2 x 31.1 x 5.1 in).
Attached: Letter written by the artist, with a pencil sketch of the object from December 1993. [EH].

PROVENANCE: Collection Ellen Sauter, Badenweiler.

Our square fragment was milled from hard alloy steel and broken. The side and upper breaking edges allow a sensitive look into the hard material. The slightly curved surfaces have a rhythmic superficial structure that stands in contrast to the precise rectangular parts. Alf Lechner reveals the inner value of the material by exposing its character and through the visualization of the energy flow. Alf Lechner does not form the material into an idea, instead he lets the idea arise from the material. [EH]
Alf Lechner
Quadratfragment, 1992.
€ 7,000 / $ 7,910
€ 20,000 / $ 22.599

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Alf Lechner - Quadratfragment - Back side
Back side
Alf Lechner - Quadratfragment -
Alf Lechner - Quadratfragment -
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