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Sale: 416 / Post War / Contemporary Art, June 07. 2014 in Munich Lot 807

Lot description
Twilight of the idols. 2002.
Object. Wooden figure, nails, plastic barrier tape in two colors.
Unique piece. 48,5 x 20 x 25 cm (19 x 7,8 x 9,8 in).
The work is to be considered as part of the group "Hazard tape and found object". [EH].

We are grateful to Kendell Geers, Johannesburg, for his support in cataloging this lot.

PROVENANCE: Galleria Continua, San Gimignano.

The overall artistic concept of Kendell Geers is outmostly challenging. He questions everything and leaves the observer with unanswered questions, often with great brutality and straightforwardness. In our work a Nkisi figure with nails is wapped in a chevron tape. The question that comes up is whether the person under a spell is the danger or the Vodoocult or even the way we deal with primal rites by leaving no room for them in our modern world? The highly sophisticated demands that are so characteristic of Kendell Geers' works become obvious is this work as well

Kendell Geers
Twilight of the idols, 2002.
€ 6,000 / $ 6,900
€ 10,000 / $ 11.500

(incl. 25% surcharge)

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