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Invoice - payment
You may obtain and settle your bill on the day of the auction. In case you do not pick up your invoice in the auction in person, we will gladly send it to you by mail or by e-mail. Additional alterations of the invoice recipient or the taxation mode are possible, however, they are not free of charge. Please make sure to always specify proper information when issuing your bid.
Bank transfer The easiest way to pay is by making a bank transfer. Fees for currency transactions are at the buyer's expense.
Cash payment Cash payment is generally possible, in this case we will ask for identification.
Checks Please understand that we accept checks only according to prior agreement and from domestic banks, due to different bank procedures.
Credit card payments Credit cards unfortunately are not be accepted.
Cash card payments We accept cash card payments up to an amount of € 10,000. All payments must be authorized by the card holder in person. The limit is up to the respective bank and payment service provider.