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Troy Brauntuch

Troy Brauntuch

*  1954 Jersey City, New Jersey

Troy Brauntuch is regarded an important figure of the so-called Pictures Generation.
Troy Brauntuch was born in Jersey City/New Jersey in 1954. Troy Brauntuch completed his studies at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, where he received the Bachelor of Arts in 1975.
Just two years later Troy Brauntuch and artists such as Jack Goldstein, Sherrie Levine and Robert Longo showed works at the famous "Pictures" exhibition. The show would be namesake for a whole generation of artists.
Troy Brauntuch soon attained his very own subtle characteristic style. The style of his works, at times referred to as "postmodern", are come from Photorealism. They are largely based on photographs that have been altered by a gloomy monochromy, created by, for instance, Conté chalk on black cotton or through photographic printing methods. Troy Brauntuch finds his complex and often subtle subjects in everyday life situations and current events, at times references to fascism can be found.
Troy Brauntuch's refined style made for his great popularity. His works are in possession of important museums and collections, among them the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Troy Brauntuch's art has gained in importance over the past couple of years: In 2006 his works were shown at the Whitney Biennale in New York under the title "Day for Night"; in 2007 a retrospective of his oeuvre made between 1990 to 2007 was on display at the Magasin-Centre National d'Art Contemporain in Grenoble. In 2009 Troy Brauntuch's work occupied a central position in the grand exhibition "Pictures Generation 1974-1984", organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A comprehensive monography was published in 2010.
Troy Brauntuch holds a professorship at the University of Texas in Austin. He lives and works in Austin and New York.